Postdoctoral student and coordinator of the "International Diversity Experiment Network with Trees" (IDENT). My research focus on the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, in relation to species functional traits, their geographical provenance and their responses to climate changes.

Vegetation ecologist by training, my personal and research interests revolve around better understanding plant relationship with biodiversity and environmental changes in order to implement better conservation and restoration policies. I have a strong academic background in ecosystems functioning, functional ecology and plant architecture. During my M.Sc. and Ph.D., I studied the response of multiple species morpho-anatomical and physiological functional traits to drought tolerance. It allowed me to explore environmental filtering processes and more precisely, the role of species hydrological niche in the assemblage of plant communities. During this period, I used various ecological and statistical tools, supervised and trained students and interns, in addition to general lab management responsibilities (lab meetings, scientific discussions).